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Is Private School Right for You?

Avalon Admission firmly believes that gaining admission to the best private schools can be life-changing. The key to a successful private school experience is identifying schools that fit your interests, values, goals, and expectations. Many private schools offer a deeply enriching academic experience with more high-level courses like AP (Advanced Placement) or other challenging curricula. Many private schools have vast resources and myriad traditions that create a strong sense of community and belonging. Extracurricular activities include music, art, theatre, dance, exploration, religion, student-run clubs, academic organizations, social events, and a wide variety of sports. Most private schools also offer smaller classes and open access to teachers. These factors are common differentiators between public and private schools. Further, guidance counselors at most private schools have smaller caseloads, which means more time to advise each student on school issues and college admission.

Applying to private school can be a challenging and time-consuming process. If you have already decided to apply, calling Avalon Admission can ensure that your journey is seamless and that your effort is rewarded. Avalon Admission provides families with concierge-level service across every aspect of the private school admission process, including choosing the right schools, writing parent and student essays, and preparing for visits and interviews.

Application Assistance

Deadlines for Most Top Private Schools: January 15 and Feb 1
Decision Notification Date: March 10

It is a fact that more families apply to the schools with the biggest names than to lesser-known schools. For example, Phillips Academy in Andover Massachusetts receives more than 2500 applications each year. From those, it admits about 350 students.  St. Paul‘s school in Concord, New Hampshire, an all boarding school, receives 1400 applications per year and accepts about 150 students. The Groton School in Massachusetts receives around 1300 applications per year, and accepts approximately 12% of those. A successful admission campaign into an elite private school requires strong academics, excellent test scores, a strong list of extracurricular activities, strong application essays, and an excellent interview.

With so much riding on so few considerations, decisions often come down to subtle reference points and nuanced factors. This is where Avalon Admission can help. By working with the Avalon, you can ensure that your child’s application and overall candidacy will improve dramatically, increasing the chances of gaining admission into a top private school.

In most cases, all activities associated with the private school applications must be completed by the application deadline. These include: school tours, tests, interviews, essays, personal statements, and recommendations. Some school require graded paper and athletic portfolios and videos as well. In some cases, schools will allow you to send scores and recommendations after the deadline has passed. Avalon Admission helps families sort through each school’s requirements, and keeps you on track for a timely and effective submission of all applications.

Families who are applying apply to several private schools will be required to submit their applications using one, two or even all three of the application portals: Gateway to Prep Schools, Ravenna, and Standard Application Online (SAO). In addition, some schools use their own applications. Each application requires multiple essays, in many cases from both parents and students. Avalon helps both students and parents with essays, personal interviews, visits, recommendations, and everything else associated with private school applications. See below for details. We can also arrange test prep tutors for SSAT, ISEE, and TOEFL.

Frequently Asked Questions About Application Assistance

In some cases, yes. Many private schools have strong relationships with colleges, thereby increasing the chances that your child can gain admission. Some even have strong relationships with top colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, MIT, Dartmouth, Cornell, Bates, Colby, Amherst, Williams, and UPenn. However, keep in mind that private schools vary from each other as much as colleges do. In other words, attending some private schools may help get you into a top-choice college, while attending others may not give you a significant advantage. No matter where you go to school, you must be a “big fish” if your ultimate goal is to get into a top-ranked college.

Everyone understands the advantages of attending private schools: smaller classes, rigorous curriculum, dedicated counselors and advisors, and in many cases, a pathway to elite colleges. However, not nearly as many people understand the pathway to private school admission. “Play your cards right and you have a chance to get into the big name schools such as Andover, Exeter, and Milton. Play your cards wrong and you will severely diminish or wipe out your chances altogether,” says Neil Chyten. “The big name schools don’t play games and they don’t take chances. You have to do and say the right things in your interview and on your application. And, you have to choose your schools wisely. Even more than with colleges, finding the right fit for your child is critically important. This is especially true with boarding schools.”

Is Private School Right for You.

If your goal is to get into a highly ranked private school, there are certain characteristics that you must possess. For example, you must be smart, driven, goal oriented, a good test taker, and a capable and mature interviewee. Otherwise, you must have an outstanding singular talent, such as being a great athlete, musician, or artist. Getting into top private schools is not unlike getting into top colleges. The fact is that highly valued individuals demonstrate a consistent set of values whether they are applying for college or private school. That is because, to a certain extent, top schools are seeking a consistent and predictable set of characteristics from their applicants, whether for college or for private school. Overall, they are seeking to establish an advantageous mix of talent while also creating a well-blended culture of high-achieving students who are high in energy and creativity and low in risk.

Six Tips to Get Into Top Private Schools.

Applying to private school has become every bit as competitive as applying to college. Therefore, knowing what private schools are looking for in candidates is a critically important part of the process. Read the six strategies below

Six strategies for private school admission success.

Interview Assistance

Many private school applicants have similarly impressive academic achievements and extracurricular activities. However, every student is unique, and, therefore, the interview is a great way for private school candidates to differentiate themselves from others. Avalon Admission provides significant interview training based on years of success helping students get into top private schools.

Frequently Asked Questions About Interview Assistance

Very important! The interview showcases your personality and interpersonal strengths, both of which are important to your academic success. For admissions officers, most school students look alike on paper. They tend to have strong grades, strong standardized test scores and a good overall academic profile. So why do some of these candidates have an edge and receive an acceptance letter when others, who have the same qualifications, do not? The answer is threefold: your transcript, your application, and your interview. Both your applications and your interview breathe life into the admissions officer’s perception of who you are. The difference, however, is that the interview makes you real. While the essay makes you seem more vibrant than you were when you were merely one folder of statistical data among many, the interview presents you as a unique, living breathing individual. The application and transcript show whether you have the academic ability to succeed at a school; the interview helps schools gauge the non-academic, intangible strengths that can add to the fabric of their campus as a whole.

Tell me about yourself? What are some of your favorite hobbies or activities? How would your friends or family describe you? What are your favorite classes/least favorite classes. What extracurricular activities interest you most about our school? What do you consider to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses? What you like most about your school? If you could change anything about your school, what would it be? Why do you think you are a good fit for this school What interests you about our school? What other schools are you applying to? What two or three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction? Describe your most rewarding school experience. Tell me about your favorite summer activity. Tell me what you did this past summer. What major problem or challenge have you encountered and how did you deal with it? What are some books that you have read for pleasure over the past year? What are some your favorite books you read in school? What do you do for fun?

Essay Assistance

Private school application essays are a critically important factor in the private school admission process. They are a vehicle for students to highlight their best qualities, accomplishments, and passions. Avalon Admission specializes in helping students construct essays that represent mature and admirable perspectives and thereby make them far more attractive candidates. Our familiarity with each school’s admissions characteristics allows students to pinpoint attributes most highly sought by the nation’s best private schools.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Essay Assistance

They want to see you! They want to get to know you. In doing so, they want to determine whether or not you are the right fit for their school. There really are no tricks to the essays, but there are right and wrong ways to respond to the prompts. Here are some quick tips for writing successful private school application essays: 1) Reveal an important aspect of yourself, and don’t be afraid to reveal a weakness. No one is perfect. Don’t try to act it. 2) Your essays should support the rest of your application and your interview. They all must work together. 3) Prove that your view of the world extends beyond the walls of your school. Write about important societal or world issues. 4) Don’t use clichés. If you’ve heard it, don’t use it. Be creative. Find original ways to say things. 5) Remember that the essay is used to determine whether or not you are a good match for the school. Therefore, try to match your answers to the priorities and culture of each school.

Full Service

No one school is right for everyone. Each student and family must make its own choices based on their priorities, personal preferences, and family values. For example, a school with a religious leaning may not be right for everyone but might be perfect for others. Some students prefer a large school, while others prefer small schools. Some families prefer boarding schools while others prefer day schools. Some families prefer their students to be nearby, while others seek the best school regardless of location. Some students prefer schools in the country, while others prefer schools in the city. Some families prefer schools that are strict, that perhaps have a dress code, while others prefer schools that are more nurturing and less focused on discipline.
There are countless factors that go into making the right decision with respect to private schools. Before making a choice, we strongly suggest that families learn as much as possible about each private school to which they are applying. Rely less on reputation and more on observation. If your goal is to have your child attend a top college, be sure to research each school’s record of matriculation. If your goal is to give your child as many opportunities to explore his creativity as much as his academic curiosity, then be sure to choose a school that has the facilities to accommodate your child’s interest. At Avalon Admission, our expert private school admissions counselors are here to help you find the best fit private schools for your and your child’s unique needs and goals. Once we identify the right schools, we help you get in with our unequaled concierge-level service that make the entire process manageable and effective.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Full Service

While most private day and boarding schools provide students with superb educations and extraordinary extracurricular resources, the differences between the two groups of schools can be, quite literally, night and day.

private school and boarding school comparison.

Private schools do offer many advantages, but often at a very steep price. While many parents choose private schools because they feel that they provide a more direct pathway to elite colleges, the truth is that some students have a better chance of getting into top colleges from public schools.

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A Harkness Table is nothing more than an oval table, however the philosophy it inspires is revolutionary. The purpose of a Harkness Table is to have 12 people involved in the teaching of a particular subject instead of one. Harkness Table is a registered trademark of Phillips Exeter Academy, though the tables and teaching methods are used at many schools around the nation.

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The acceptance rate at top private schools is between 10% and 20% which tells you that many times more students are rejected than accepted. As is the case with top colleges, top private schools look for certain characteristics in their applicants. First, they look for great grades and test scores. Next, they look for maturity. Also, they want students who are likable and therefore likely to get along with other students in their class. Next, they look for students who have demonstrated a particular passion. They also like students who have significant skills or accomplishments. Finally, they like students who are eloquent speakers and excellent writers. Click on the link below for more details

Learn more about private school admission strategies.

Applying to private school has become every bit as competitive as applying to college. Therefore, knowing what private schools are looking for in candidates is a critically important part of the process. Click the link below for six strategies for private school admission.

Click here for six private school admission strategies.