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Pomona Campus

The Pomona campus is shared with four colleges that together make up the Claremont McKenna College (CMC) consortium. You will have the unique opportunity of taking classes at four other excellent colleges without leaving campus. Claremont McKenna, Scripps, Harvey Mudd, and Pitzer each has superb courses and performance opportunities. Collectively, the five schools have 8000 students which is a boon socially while not diminishing the benefit you get from small classes and intimate relationships you enjoy with your professors at Pomona. Each week on campus there are dozens of events and there are more than 200 student groups and clubs. The Pomona campus, located in Claremont, CA, is idyllic with beautiful flying buttresses, large columns, western architecture, and impeccably landscaped grounds. The dorms are very nice and the food is excellent. While Pomona is known for its rigorous academics, its campus is relaxed and serene. Sharing grounds with students from five exclusive colleges means that daily interactions are both profoundly rewarding and highly eclectic. Students pretty much stay on campus as Claremont does not offer college students very much. Of course, LA, the city of stars (when you can see them) is less than an hour’s drive on “The 10 West.” 

Pomona Culture

As a highly selective liberal arts school in California, Pomona’s campus culture is liberal leaning, though filled with diverse points of view as students hail from various parts of the world from varying socio-economic positions. As the campus and class size are small, Pomona is able to cultivate a sense of intimacy amongst the students, which breeds loyalty to the school and in turn affects its reputation. Students are encouraged to pursue their interests, even if it doesn’t align with their major, and are welcome to take classes at the other four colleges in the CMC consortium. Similar to smaller eastern colleges like Dartmouth, Bowdoin and Middlebury, Pomona encourages its students to develop strong academic relationships with their professors, a situation that greatly enhances educational experience and forms one of the strongest arguments in favor of a liberal arts education. Pomona students have a reputation for being highly intelligent but down to Earth, unpretentious, non-competitive, and extremely friendly. 

Pomona Reputation 

Pomona has a reputation for strong academics without all the stress and competition found at many other top ranked colleges. Among academia and business, it is considered to be one of the best liberal arts schools, and colleges in general, in the country. Its reputation is as a small, friendly, exclusive college featuring extremely strong programs across all the sciences and social sciences. It is highly respected among graduate schools, thus promoting students have a very high acceptance rate at some of the most highly ranked graduate programs in the country. While it is a “warm weather” college, it is not considered to be a party school, per se.  However, there is definitely a strong and active social scene collectively with students from the other four colleges in the CMC consortium – especially Scripps and Claremont McKenna. Pomona students tend to be liberal, hard-working, outgoing, and socially conscious.     

Pomona Facts

College Type: Liberal Arts

Undergrad Size: 1700 

Location: Claremont, CA

Setting: Suburban

Tuition and Fees: $57,000

Financial Aid: Generous need-based only (full need met)

Best Programs: Social, Biological, and Physical Sciences, Comp Sci, and Math.