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Senior Slump is a Dangerous Myth


Finally! Your senior year of high school is about to begin, but it doesn’t even count, right? After all, colleges only look at your grade 9 through 11 transcripts, right? For your early action and early decision colleges, the choice of who gets in and who does not will be made before your 12th grade transcript is even available, right?

Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong. 

It is a basic human tendency to look beyond tomorrow all the way to the horizon, which in your case translates to “college.” But if you neglect the importance of 12th grade, you could be shooting yourself in the foot and, in effect, nullifying three years of hard work. For many schools, the 12th grade first-quarter or the first-semester grades will be made available to colleges in time for them to make even their early round decisions. Even more important to consider is that it is a mistake for you to count on your early round college or colleges as being sure bets. Even if you do get into an early action college, you will want to wait to see what other options come along in the regular round. 

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to treat your 12th grade as an offramp to college. Nonetheless, many students will choose easy “gut” classes so that they can relax in 12th grade and hang out more with friends as they mentally prepare to enter college. But here are some things to consider:

In conclusion, the choices you make in 12th grade are among the most important ones you will make during your entire high school career. Take the opportunity to solidify or improve your academic record, to prove to colleges that you are the kind of student who sees challenges as opportunities, and to boost your appeal to colleges as a student of significant character, academic curiosity, and intellectual fortitude. 

Neil Chyten

Avalon Admission