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College Admission Consulting

What is College Admission?

Generally speaking, college admission is the process of applying to colleges. In more practical terms, it is a highly strategic process that spans several years and involves hundreds of decisions. With competition for top college seats on the rise, college admission has become ever more strategic, and the need for expert assistance has never been greater.

About Avalon Admission

Avalon Admission is the world’s leading college consulting organization focused exclusively on admission to top colleges. We use a powerful combination of strategy formation, data analytics, technology, expert advice, enhanced opportunities, and mentorship from experienced admissions professionals. Under Avalon’s guidance, students become much stronger candidates and highly attractive targets for high-level admission committees. Avalon Admission provides concierge-level service, ensuring that families make all the right decisions at all the right times—decisions that translate directly into better college admission opportunities. 

Grades 9-10

By the time many students reach 12th grade, they look back and wish that they had done things differently. For them it may be too late. But for you, the opportunity is there for the taking. Successful college admission starts well before 12th grade, so that students stay ahead of the curve, rather than playing catch-up all the time. With Avalon Admission’s concierge-level service, students and families get the support they need throughout the high school years in order to maximize opportunities for admission into highly competitive colleges. Because no two students are the same, every Avalon Admission plan is customized to bring out the best in students, and to make them the strongest possible candidates at their top choice colleges. Avalon Admission counselors ensure that students strengthen all the factors that colleges look for, including strong academics, advantageous activities, significant accomplishments, and highly coveted personal characteristics.

Grades 11-12

College admission can be a stressful time for families. With literally hundreds of decisions to make, families often find themselves at odds with each other, or simply stressed out by the whole experience. Fortunately, Avalon Admissions’ concierge-level service helps families navigate through this difficult time with much less stress and with a much greater likelihood of success. Under Avalon’s guidance, students choose the right classes, the right tests, and the right activities. They learn to nurture recommendations and to tailor their decisions to meet their goals. For many clients, Avalon also assists in planning and completing specially chosen projects that showcase talent, leadership, and organizational skills, and that also serve as proof of ability or passion. We can also help students locate internships and research opportunities.

Application Assistance

Avalon Admission helps students expertly fill out the Common Application, including the all-important personal narrative, as well as college supplements, using proprietary strategies and experience as our guides. We also help students with applications such as UC, MIT, Georgetown, UT, and others that are not part of the Common Application. Avalon’s concierge-level service ensures that students continue to be supported until all applications, recommendations, resumes, portfolios, and videos have been uploaded, and again when admissions decisions and financial offers have been received.  

Interview Prep

Avalon Admissions mentors students through the entire interview process. As a result, they are poised, polished, and ready to engage in meaningful dialogue with their interviewers. This is the key to a successful interview. It is rarely how well you answer questions, but rather how well you present yourself, that gets reported to admission committees. Many colleges, including all the Ivy Leagues, either require or recommend personal interviews. For most students, these mysterious meetings are exercises in canned, memorized responses to a set of pre-identified questions. Similarly, they tend to be viewed as rights of passage that simply must be endured. Very few students see these interviews for what they really are: opportunities to promulgate their narrative and put meat on the bone of their applications.  

Full Service

Services Available Under the Avalon College Consulting Plan

ServiceGrade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12Service Notes
Facilitate Family Discussion on Goals and ExpectationsXXXXProvide guidance for discussion, then design strategy based on family/student goals and expectations.
Formulate Elite Admission StrategyXXXXBased on starting points and objectives, create a strategy designed to enhance the likelihood of admission.
Personal Opportunities Profile (POP)XXXXCreate an elite college personal opportunities profile.
College List/VisitsXXXXCreate and adjust list of colleges and requirements.
Major/Career Choices XXXXDetermine best pathways to college and career.
College Applications   XXComplete Common App and individual college apps.
College Essays  XXProvide expert writing and editing assistance.
EA/ED Strategy  XXProvide basis for ED and EA decisions.
Interview Strategy   XProvide interview strategies and preparation, including mock interviews.
Recommendations XXXAssist in obtaining and improving recommendations.
Summer Activities and InternshipsXXXXIdentify and apply for highly impactful programs and internships.
Other XC ActivitiesXXXXCreate robust and multi-categorical activities list.
Demonstrated InterestXXXXProvide strategies for boosting demonstrated interest profile.
Unique Selling Proposition (USP)XXXXIdentify/Create and manage unique selling proposition.
Special ProjectsXXXXIdentify/Create and manage unique projects and activities.
Testing StrategiesXXXXProvide strategic guidance on which standardized tests to take, test dates, and test preparation schedule.
Test PreparationXXXXCoordinate/Supervise tutors.
Resume Creation XXXAssist in creating a resume for business schools and other schools accepting/requiring them.
Waitlist/Deferment Assistance   XProvide strategy for improving odds of acceptance from deferral list or waitlist.
Transcript (GPA) Management XXXXManage GPA, course selection, etc. Identify/Provide tutors if/as needed.
Admission Decision Assistance   XAssist with acceptance decisions and options.
Honors OpportunitiesXXXXIdentify potential opportunities to earn academic and non-academic awards and honors.
School-Based Academic OpportunitiesXXXXProvide advice on course and course level selection.
External Academic OpportunitiesXXXXProvide assistance in finding and applying for outside programs to enhance academic opportunities and record.
Emergent Opportunities and SituationsXXXXManage new opportunities or potentially negative situations as they arise.
Art, Sports, and Performance Specialties XXXXProvide guidance on assets that include portfolios, videos, and recommendations related to special talents.
Scholarships and Financial Aid  XXProvide guidance on applying for/receiving scholarships and/or financial aid, including writing essays.