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90% Admission Success into America’s Top Colleges

Avalon Admission’s proprietary college admission method, developed and refined by Neil Chyten over 38 years, has proven successful for over 90% of our students, each of whom has been accepted into the Ivy League or other highly ranked colleges. It now incorporates the most sophisticated data platform in the industry, on top of our world-class counseling strategy, to enhance the likelihood of gaining admission into America’s top colleges. When the goal is to gain admission into the most prestigious colleges in the US, Avalon Admission is the answer.

More than 3000 Ivy League Acceptances

At Avalon Admission only the name is new. The company itself dates back to 1984 beginning in Newton, Massachusetts, and expanding nationwide in 2007. Over that period, we have had over 3000 Ivy League acceptances and thousands more acceptances to other top colleges across America. Simply stated, no one knows how to get students into top-ranked colleges like Avalon Admission. Not every student is meant for the Ivy League. But if you have the right stuff, Avalon has the strategy and experience to get you in.

38 Years of Industry Experience

Our story dates back to 1984, when our founder, Neil Chyten, created College Study Seminars, continued in 2001 when he founded Chyten Educational Services, and further through 2017 when he created NC Global Education. Now, Avalon Admission combines this extreme admission expertise with state-of-the-art research and technology for an unsurpassed admission experience.

A Revolutionary Strategy For Your Child

Following the Avalon Strategic Admission Plan (ASAP), Avalon Admission counselors guide students through hundreds of critical decisions beginning as early as 9th grade and continuing all the way through high school. These decisions impact literally every page of college applications, building and strengthening each and every component, adding points and credibility with colleges, and ultimately creating a portrait of a student that fits the profile top colleges look for in their applicants. Avalon provides assistance with everything college admissions related, including essays and recommendations, extracurricular activities including research and internships, interview prep, enhancing demonstrated interest profile, academic achievements, awards and honors, resumes and talent videos, leadership and visionary thinking, project development and implementation, as well as social justice and strategically selected individualized accomplishments.
To learn more about our college counseling services or to begin preparing for the college admissions princess with the Avalon Strategic Admission Plan, contact us today.